Going Big

For the past year I've been obsessed with with shooting larger format video. One of my favorite cameras when I moved to LA was the 5D III with Magic Lanterns raw hack. Very fiddly to work with, but the larger sensor and raw flexibility was amazing.

I picked up a full set of Zeiss Jena Pentacon Six lenses in early 2016 when announcements of the new H6 and Fuji medium format video-capable cameras came out, figuring it was only a matter of time before they'd be useful.

Earlier this year Kipon announced a mirrorless to medium format focal reducer. Unfortunately I can't quite mount it to my cameras of choice - an open gate Arri or a 6k RED (yet) - but I am able to use the focal reducer on the A7S.

Shot with the A7S, a Blackmagic 4k Recorder recording ProRes LT: