Pendragon - medium format RED Dragon 6k

Pendragon is a RED mount for the Kipon Baveyes focal reducer series. It replaces the LEICA-M mount of the Kipon, attaching directly with 4 machine screws. This provides the most secure connection possible to the RED camera and ensures there is absolutely no play from stacking adaptors. Huge shout outs to The Camera Division for their help in the rapid prototype 3D printing stage and to my college buddy Michael Hadida of NextLab in Philadelphia for helping me design and machine this thing.


What does it do?

Pendragon, when paired with a Kipon Baveyes, provides a 0.7x focal reduction. This effectively makes the Dragon 6k sensor behave as though it was the size of 5 perf 65mm. 

It was designed for the RED Dragon 6k sensor, and allows the mounting of most medium format lenses including Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Pentax 645, Pentax 67, and Contax C/Y.

RED standard sensor sizes

Red Dragon 6k 30.7 x 15.8mm

Red Dragon 8k VV 40.96 x 21.6mm

RED “sensor sizes” with 1.7x focal reducer: 

Pendragon 6k 52.19 x 26.86mm

Pendragon 8k VV 69.63 x 36.72 

Film large formats for comparison:

VistaVision 37.72 x 24.92mm

65mm 5 perf 52.51 x 23.07mm

645 medium format 60 x 45mm

70mm IMAX 15 perf 70.41 x 52.62mm


What's next?

Get this thing out there and start shooting! A few final adjustments are being made to the next machined version that will improve back focus / infinity focus. I'm looking into a few shims so that, if an adapter or different set of lenses are used, focus can be corrected.

It would also be good to test this with different Kipon Baveyes Leica-M adapters to confirm that it will work with Hasselblad or Mamiya focal reducers. After that Michael and I will probably start shipping these off to other folks who want to use them.

Going Big

For the past year I've been obsessed with with shooting larger format video. One of my favorite cameras when I moved to LA was the 5D III with Magic Lanterns raw hack. Very fiddly to work with, but the larger sensor and raw flexibility was amazing.

I picked up a full set of Zeiss Jena Pentacon Six lenses in early 2016 when announcements of the new H6 and Fuji medium format video-capable cameras came out, figuring it was only a matter of time before they'd be useful.

Earlier this year Kipon announced a mirrorless to medium format focal reducer. Unfortunately I can't quite mount it to my cameras of choice - an open gate Arri or a 6k RED (yet) - but I am able to use the focal reducer on the A7S.

Shot with the A7S, a Blackmagic 4k Recorder recording ProRes LT: